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Choosing a floor for your dining room

March 27, 2017

There are some rooms which get a lot more attention in terms of choosing a floor. For example, bathrooms and kitchens always generate much discussion around the best type of flooring because these are notoriously tricky and stress-inducing areas in which to revamp your flooring and ensure that you get it right. This is all … Read more

Low maintenance flooring options

March 22, 2017

Although we are all for maintaining your flooring to get the best possible result, we do understand that it is not a priority for many people. Busy lives and hectic lifestyles mean that customers are looking for low maintenance flooring that will stay beautiful with minimal effort. Time is of the essence and nobody wants … Read more

Nylon carpets – shaking off the stigma

February 1, 2017

Just like McDonald’s chicken nuggets, nylon carpets have been trying to shake off a bad reputation for some time now. The nylon carpets that many remember from days gone by were known for the static they produced. Attracting fluff and delivering electric shocks, it is no wonder that there is a bit of a stigma … Read more