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What flooring is best for children?

September 12, 2016

Choosing a new flooring takes careful consideration and even more so when taking children into account. When considering what flooring is best for children, there are a myriad of factors to consider, from cleanability through to safety concerns. On top of that, ultimately nobody wants to sacrifice the overall look of the flooring. However, it … Read more

Sustainable Carpets with Alternative Flooring

August 26, 2016

With the modern consumer often having an eye on present-day concerns, we are noticing a shift in customer attitudes towards sustainable products. People are now more aware than ever of their carbon footprints and many want to do their bit to help. Whether opting for natural fibres or British manufacturing, customers are increasingly looking to … Read more

Top Carpet Cleaning Tips

August 16, 2016

  We’ve all been there. A beautiful stain-free carpet… and then something awful happens. You knock over a glass of red wine, you tread in some melted chocolate or your adorable little puppy is not quite so cute when he has an ‘accident’. The worrying factor is that many people only think about cleaning their … Read more