Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring technology has improved significantly since its introduction in 1977 by Swedish manufacturer Perstorp. It is often considered to be a cheaper alternative to real wood or luxury vinyl, however with advancements in technology this synthetic flooring can now deliver a realistic feel and appearance.

Laminate flooring is created by fusing 3 layers (or more) together: the backing layer which is designed to prevent absorption of moisture and other materials, a core layer usually made up of HDF or High Density Fibreboard. Finally the surface layer which is also known as the photographic or design layer and a wear layer placed on top to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Due to its synthetic construction, the customer is less constrained by design than with other types of flooring. Whilst wood and stone effects are popular types of laminate flooring, the customer has the ability to choose from a fantastic array of designs and colours.

Laminate flooring is highly durable, flexible, easy to maintain and quick to install at significantly less cost than other flooring alternatives. This is what makes it a highly popular choice and one of our best sellers.