Solid Wood Flooring

Classic and warm, solid wood flooring harks back to more traditional methods and can last a lifetime. Solid wood flooring is made up of planks of solid wood, usually the older harder woods such as Oak. The thickness of the planks mean that the floor can be sanded and maintained for much longer than its engineered counterpart. Solid wood flooring is full of life and character and great for areas of high footfall due to the fact that it can be sanded down to restore its appearance.

It is advisable to have your solid wood flooring installed by an expert to ensure that the wood is properly fitted to the sub floor. There are a number of potential issues to bear in mind with solid wood flooring:

– Over time the planks may warp due to the moisture that they absorb
– Most solid wood flooring is not suitable for certain sub floors or under floor heating systems
– There are a range of oils, lacquers and varnishes to choose from according to the desired finish

Solid wood flooring has a certain charm to it. Yes, it is potentially less practical than other types of flooring but for it is incredibly hard to beat for longevity and character. Visit our showroom in Kent to view our solid wood flooring options and speak to an expert.