5 ways to add a personal touch to your flooring

Designing your home interior is all about creating a unique space that reflects your own personality and suits your tastes to a tee. While decor and furniture present great ways to inject a personal touch into your home, you shouldn’t neglect the opportunities available right under your feet. Flooring has the capacity to give any room a new character with its wide variety of different textures, colours, patterns and designs.

So in this post, we’ll be considering five of the key ways in which to experiment with your flooring and give it that distinctive personal touch. The key is to figure out your aesthetic (elements such as your preferred colour palettes and design periods) and then experiment with different combinations.


Exciting colours

Introduce your favourite colour scheme into your interior by exploring outside of the palettes defined by showrooms and playing around with some personalised flooring options. You could either draw from colours in the surrounding room to complement its existing palette, or perhaps you could scatter an array of vibrant tones throughout your flooring to make a louder statement.

Tiled floors present a great opportunity to experiment with a wide spread of different colours: perhaps within a flamboyant pattern of mosaic tiles or a mix-and-match jumble of large tiles. Fully reclaimed wood floors also have the capacity to provide your space with a personalised spectrum of colours, with each individual plank possessing a different quality. Whitewashed driftwood boards next to varnished oak boards next to raw antique boards – there really are no rules!

Furthermore, you could install some pick and mix parquet composed from wood blocks of different shades and materials. This will introduce an exciting flurry of texture and colour to your room while maintaining the traditional design of the parquet.


Bespoke carpets

When you have an ill-fitting carpet that clashes with the furniture and goes against the room’s overall colour scheme, your space will look anything but personalised. More individualised spaces will exhibit carpets that complement the room in both form and design, with colours that draw from the surrounding palette and bespoke patterns that make the carpet a focal point in the room.

For instance, our suppliers over at Bronte Carpets provide a wide range of beautiful custom designs with each being made to measure according to your individual requirements. On top of being comfortable underfoot due to their high quality materials, these bespoke carpets ensure that your flooring truly reflects the aesthetic of your home, making them a great personal touch.


Custom patterns

Your flooring is a great canvas for expressing yourself with pattern and shape. Create patterns that could not be seen in any other home but yours by using a range of different materials and structuring them to your liking. This could be a meticulously arranged mosaic on your bathroom floor, a geometric tile pattern across your kitchen floor, or an intricate web of parquet flooring on your living room floor.

You can experiment with mixing up the shapes and colours of individual tiles/boards, as well as the way in which they are laid out for a truly unique appearance. The key is to ensure that your flooring reflects nobody else’s tastes but your own!


Statement rugs

Rugs present a foolproof way of making a statement in any room. They allow you to either complement or offset the flooring underneath with a range of interesting materials, from wool and cotton to silk and hide. It’s understandable why some people see rugs as “art for your floors” as they come packed with so much character and personality.

Indeed, the range of patterns on offer – from dazzling Persian designs to minimalist striped ones – give you plenty of room to experiment with novel combinations in form and colour. You could even mix and match several different rugs for a more vibrant and playful look, perhaps overlaying them so that their patterns and textures blend into one another.


Unique finishes

When you have wooden flooring the best way to add a personal touch is choosing your own unique finish and texture. The effect of finish on the overall quality of the room is remarkable, and it can often make the difference between a modern feel and a more traditional one.

Why not get creative with the process? If you’re going for a vintage look with reclaimed floorboards you could produce an uneven finish by using a range of colours, add a rough texture by dragging through the finish with wire wool, and perhaps even create some dents and scratches with a hammer for that ultra-distressed appearance. It’s these kinds of idiosyncrasies that make your home yours and yours alone.


If you’re looking for more expert advice on how to make the most out of your new flooring, feel free to get in touch with a member of the Hudson Flooring team and we’d be delighted to help you out.