victoria carpets

Prestige Brand

With over a century of experience and a Royal Warrant awarded in 2013, Victoria Carpets is a brand full of prestige. Creating a wide range of tufted carpets including twist, loop, saxony, velvet, and wilton, they are a well-known brand for producing high quality products.

We stock a wide range of Victoria Carpets products and can also order products in for your perusal. They use a variety of fibres and mixes with their range including 100% wool, 80% wool/20% polypropylene, a 50/50 split between wool and polypropylene and finally 100% polypropylene in their ‘man made’ category.

As a founding member of the Carpet Foundation and with numerous industry awards to their name, you can be safe in the knowledge that Victoria Carpets will deliver on exceptional quality. Whether you are in the residential or commercial market, we will be able to find you the perfect carpet.