parquet flooring

Parquet flooring is a traditional method of flooring dating back to the 1600’s using blocks of solid wood that are laid out in decorative or geometric patterns. The most popular patterns include herringbone and chevrons although it is possible to make incredibly detailed and intricate patterns using parquet flooring. Its detailed but traditional appearance is a stunning addition to any home.

Both solid and engineered wood can be used in the make up of parquet flooring with both options having their own nuances in terms of maintenance. Hard woods are typically used in parquet flooring which makes it a very durable option with the ability to sand the wood down to restore it making it a popular choice for hallways and living rooms with high footfall. Furthermore, different types and shades of wood can be used to add to the patterned effect of the floor.

We would advise having a flooring expert install your parquet flooring to ensure that it fits perfectly and lasts a lifetime. At Hudson Flooring we supply and install both new and reclaimed parquet flooring to the Kent are and also areas of the South East.