Our Sustainable Rug Collection Affordable, Eco-Friendly Rugs

Our collection of Sustainable Rugs provides a more affordable alternative to our premium and bespoke rug products. Made from sustainable, recycled materials, these floor coverings are a fantastic way to freshen up your home without the hassle or wait time of carpet installation. If you have a certain colour, material or pattern in mind, get in touch with our friendly team today to find out what we have available, and we can recommend the most suitable option.

100% Recycled Materials

Luxurious Rugs at an Affordable Price

All Sizes Available to Suit Your Space*

No Installation Needed

*subject to availability

Luxurious Materials for an Affordable Price

Our Sustainable Collection changes month by month depending on what materials are available, offering unique options that you can't get anywhere else. Whether you live a sustainable lifestyle or are looking for a more affordable option, our range of eco friendly floor coverings are a great way to breathe life into your living space.

Whether you need a small rug for your bedroom or a larger rug for your living room, our showroom has hundreds of materials every month which are ready to be recycled and made into rugs for your home. Offering a range of rugs made from sustainable materials which have been recycled and given a new life, Hudson Flooring offer a variety of options including natural fibre rugs, sisal wool rugs, sustainable area rugs, sustainable wool rugs and more for a more affordable price.

Protect Your Carpet or Flooring with our Sustainable Rugs

Carpets and wooden or laminated flooring can take a beating in high traffic areas, and regular vacuuming under the sofa, scrubbing mud from your hallway floor and scraping pet hair from your bedroom carpet can reduce the lifespan of your expensive flooring. Choosing a more affordable rug such as a product from our Sustainable Collection in areas where your flooring is at risk of damage is a stylish and cost effective way to protect your expensive carpet.

Whether your child is a professional food thrower, or you have a family member who refuses to take off their shoes, our affordable recycled rugs provide peace of mind that your flooring is protected. Find out more about what materials we have at our warehouse this month by completing our contact form, or by calling 01732 456035.