Luxury Wool-Rich Carpets

With over 230 years of experience in creating carpets, Brintons have vast amounts of knowledge to call upon, most notably by the fact that they design and build their own looms. With the majority of their carpets created using wool, they are also a company that recognises the necessity to use sustainable resources to create their fantastic products. In fact they are the single largest user of British wool in the UK!

“The wool from 1 in 9 British sheep ends up in a Brintons carpet!” – Tim Booth, British Wool

Using both Axminster and Wilton constructions for their carpets, Brintons are dedicated to using time honoured traditions mixed with modern day technologies and sustainable materials to produce the highest quality carpets. A luxurious, wool-rich carpet brings both softness and warmth; it is the perfect addition to a cosy and comfortable home.