Roger Oates

Established for over 20 years, Roger Oates is run by a husband and wife (Roger and Fay) who are dedicated to combining traditional flatweave or wilton techniques with stunning contemporary design. Roger Oates produces vibrant and eye catching stair runners in the UK, all created using traditional handmade techniques, their products are of the highest quality in both design and production.

Roger and Fay both studied weaving and woven textiles with some of the leading teachers and pioneers in the world. They met in London and decided early on that their aim was to build their own niche with a beautiful, top-end product.

Working as a team, their impressive combination of skills and eye for detail led them to create a unique flatweave that could be produced using an adapted technique on a power loom. Here began the beautiful, authentic product that we now know and love.

RO Swanson Celadon 2 MR

“If anything, the Roger Oates signature is the stripe. A good stripe design relies on the balance and proportion of size of stripe to weight of colour.”

22.RO 2015.Masai-Indigo

“Flatweaves are wonderfully flexible as they can be made into rugs of almost any size, they add colour and warmth when laid over hard floors, building up further layers of texture they soften noise.”

RO Swanson Celadon rug 01 Lans. MR

“We developed our first flatweave floor covering as a heavy weight cloth and the result was so charming we further developed it for use on a small power loom. This advance meant we could make a product that was indistinguishable from a similar version that had been made by hand.”

RO_Cluny_Yellow16 LR

“We spend a lot of time on colour, using it in different combinations balancing weave, texture and tones to create the overall look of the design.”

RO Shetland Sudbury Lt Grey 6 LR

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