Stair Rods & Runners

The stairs are an often neglected intermediary between floors. However, they are space which offers ample opportunity for interior design.  At Hudson Flooring we are big believers in the fact that well designed stair rods and stair runners can make a significant impact on the interior design of a home. As such, we ensure that we stock the best and latest designs for both stair rods & runners.

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Stair Runners

Wooden stairs may look great but they are hard underfoot and also very noisy. Adding stair runners not only creates a more comfortable surface to walk on and significantly reduces noise but they also offer an opportunity to use designs that you may not have previously considered. Stair runner designs are often more striking than flooring designs for the rest of the house. At Hudson Flooring our experts can advise on the best options for your stair runner whether that be material, pile height or width. We are also proud to work with Roger Oates, a supplier of truly beautiful stair runners.


Stair Rods

Stair rods are the bars that hold the stair runner in place; they allow you to explore new interior design options and accent your choice of stair runner. Our vast selection of stair rods allows you to choose the perfect option for your stairs, whatever the size or style. In a property packed with history we can help you recover some of its original charm with one of our classic wrought iron stair rods. Or if you want a more contemporary option why not come into our store and choose from our range.


Bespoke Stair Runners

We can create bespoke stair runners according to your requirements, whether that be in material, design, width or length. We’ll provide expert information on what is required, whether that be exact measurements of the stairs or the type of custom edging that you may desire on your stair runner.

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