engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring is a highly popular type of wooden flooring where two or more layers of wood are bonded to each other to make the flooring. 

Many consider engineered wood flooring to have all the advantages of traditional solid wood, with fewer drawbacks. The grains of each layer of wood run perpendicular to each other which means that the wood does not warp over time therefore making engineered wood flooring less volatile whilst retaining the great look and feel of wood flooring. The top layer of the floor is usually made from the harder woods such as oak and is called the ‘Lamella’. Varying thickness of the Lamella (usually between 2mm and 6mm) allow for this flooring to be sanded and renovated like a solid wood floor.

Engineered wood flooring has grown substantially in popularity as people realise the considerable benefits to using this type of flooring:

– The Lamella layer is made of older, harder wood but makes much more efficient use of these woods rather than solid planks. Ideal for those who are conscious of our impact on the environment

– The installation process is usually easier with lighter, more flexible planks as well as the ability to use floating installations where the planks are secured to themselves rather than to the floor beneath.

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