Quality and Longevity

Lano Carpets is over 50 years old, but was born from the merging of three Belgian companies, utilising over 100 years of textile experience.

Their catalogue of flooring includes a variety of woven and tufted carpets and rugs, as well as artificial grass. All their flooring is designed to the utmost quality to ensure they are long-lasting and robust. Their polyamide carpeting is considerably durable and can handle a lot of wear and tear, meaning it looks fresher for longer than other carpeting.

The core priority of Lano Carpet’s products is sustainability and quality control at every stage. They liaise with suppliers and monitor all areas of production and delivery with rigorous environmental systems in each division. All sourcing and manufacturing processes must comply with their sustainable philosophy, and they constantly look to improve.



Their Enso range goes further in their mission of sustainability. All products are produced through green power and use recycled materials. They try to re-use raw materials, with the idea of closing the circle, which inspired the collection’s name ‘Enso’ from the Japanese word for circle. They are known for their sustainability certificates and all items with the sustainability label and 100% recyclable.