Amtico flooring maintenance top tips

We know what you’re thinking – why the blog post on Amtico flooring maintenance when it is supposed to be such a low maintenance option? Well sure, one of the reasons Amtico is so popular is because of it’s exceptionally long life and the minimal effort required to maintain a pristine look. However, even the most durable floors need a touch of tender loving care.

Amtico flooring is considerably easier to maintain than the likes of wood flooring. For a start, it does not require regular refurbishment and is not as susceptible to wear and tear. Nevertheless, to keep it looking as it did on the day it was fitted, we recommend taking a few small steps. Nothing scary or time-consuming; just a few bits of advice to keep your Amtico flooring in tip-top condition.


Preventative methods


Protective pads

Before we talk cleaning methods, it is worth mentioning a few preventative steps you can take to minimise any wear and tear in the first place. Be sure to stick felt pads to the legs of any furniture to prevent scratching. This is particularly important for objects like chairs, as they are often dragged across the floor. Protective pads are super cheap to buy and could save you much hassle further down the line.


Increase contact area

Try to avoid buying heavy furniture with thin legs, as these can cause dents over a long period of time. Increase the contact area of furniture with the floor to spread the weight and reduce the chances of marks or dents.



Whether you place it externally or internally (or both), a doormat should be a necessity in any house. A good doormat will capture dirt, grime and small stones or grit before it makes its way into your house and onto your floor. Request that family members and visiting guests always wipe their feet before treading any undesirables into your floor and you’ll save yourself a lot of cleaning time.


Cleaning recommendations

Amtico flooring is wonderfully easy to clean, especially in comparison to other types of floor, such as carpet. All that is required on a regular basis is a quick sweep to catch any dirt and dust. It may be necessary to mop too but only occasionally. When you require a deeper clean, Amtico provide specific products which are especially designed for Amtico floors.

Our other tips are as follows:

  • Deal with any spillages immediately, wiping up any excess. When required, clean thoroughly with an appropriate Amtico cleaning product.
  • Using a vacuum cleaner is fine but be sure to check that it is suitable to use on Amtico flooring first; usually vacuums which are appropriate will have bristles to stop the vacuum scratching the floor.
  • Avoid using steam mops as a cleaning method, as these can damage Amtico floor.



The beauty of Amtico flooring is that it is super easy to maintain. With the right preventative methods in place and knowledge of the most appropriate cleaning methods, your Amtico flooring will stay looking polished and pristine for many years.

If you have any further questions about flooring maintenance, call the Hudson Flooring team on 01732 456035 to chat with a member of the team. Alternatively, you can download the Amtico maintenance guide for more information.