Busting the myths around vinyl flooring

‘Vinyl flooring’ it’s an off-putting concept for many people who can’t help but associate it with grimy 1970s kitchens. Unfortunately, there are countless myths surrounding vinyl flooring, the majority of which associate it with cheap, old-fashioned homes decorated with especially ugly flooring.


It is a shame that, for many, vinyl has a bit of a bad rep, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In this article, the Hudson Flooring team are here to bust those old vinyl flooring myths – and even some new ones – that people think of when they hear the word vinyl.


It’s outdated and ugly

It’s true that, in the ‘70s, vinyl was popular. It was often used and installed badly and contributed to a particularly unappealing retro design trend. A huge, badly designed seamless sheet of cheap vinyl rolled across a living room floor didn’t look good back then and certainly doesn’t look good now.


It’s true: that kind of vinyl is definitely outdated and that should go without saying. Today, however, vinyl is certainly coming back into fashion. Beautiful, interesting designs are commonplace, and modern printing techniques allow luxury vinyl tiling (LVT) to look incredibly realistic. From stone to wood, vinyl can replicate just about anything.


You can’t get it wet

Once again, this myth about vinyl flooring comes directly from the idea that vinyl is an old-fashioned, low-end material. While it’s true that the cheap roll-out vinyl of old would bubble and curl at the edges when laid in the bathroom – or even the kitchen – that just isn’t the case anymore.


Today’s modern luxury vinyl options, like Amtico, are entirely water resistant and any water that gets on them simply needs to be mopped up. Feel free to lay it in the kitchen or the bathroom and have a beautifully textured, very realistic floor no matter where you want it in your home.


It’s a low-end, cheap alternative

This vinyl flooring myth – as usual – goes back to the old-fashioned view that vinyl flooring is an ugly, outdated material only fit for your granny’s bungalow. Many people believe that vinyl flooring is just the cheapest option out there.


Now, that’s not to say that vinyl flooring is incredibly expensive either. Excellent quality LVT such as Amtico is often cheaper than many flooring options – including hardwood and stone floors – but it’s a far-cry from the ‘cheap and nasty’ reputation vinyl has for many people. It’s a reasonably priced material that can fit perfectly into even the most high-end homes.


If LVT is expensive, why not get the real thing?

As we’ve mentioned, while some vinyl certainly is a cheap option, lots of LVT is not. Sure, it’s cheaper than stone, but sometimes it can be more expensive than tile or even some wooden flooring. If that’s the case, why get it? Why get faux wood if you can get the real deal for less?


First and foremost, ease of installation is an important reason. LVT is simple to lay down and won’t cause any issues – nor extra costs – to you or a professional company when laying it down. There’s also the underfoot comfort and straightforward method of installing underfloor heating to think about – vinyl can be much better than those cold, hard kitchen tiles.


If those vinyl flooring myths are now suitably busted, contact Hudson Flooring. Our friendly team are happy to help you decide on the perfect flooring for your life.