Carpet Buying Checklist

There are a myriad of reasons why carpets remain a highly popular choice of flooring. Nothing beats the soft, cushioned feel of a good quality carpet underfoot, or the warmth and comfort that they can bring to your home. Carpets offer great levels of personalisation given that a huge range of styles, colours and grades are available. With so much choice, buying a carpet can seem like a daunting process and is not always as straightforward as people would like it to be. As a result, we thought we would aid the decision process by compiling a carpet buying checklist. Read on for some handy tips from our experts here at Hudson Flooring:


1. Choosing the right style


Ultimately the overall look and feel of a carpet will be central to your buying decision. It is likely that you will have to live with whatever you choose for many years to come. Therefore, it is important to select a carpet that fits in with the general feel of your home and that the colour is one that you will not tire of.


Do not feel pressured to make a decision on the spot in the showroom. Ask to take some samples home with you as the shades will inevitably differ depending on the room and the lighting. If you like to change furniture or redecorate often then we recommend choosing a neutral colour to allow you more flexibility. It is also worth bearing in mind that lighter carpets tend to make the room appear bigger – a clever visual illusion, perfect for stuffy apartments and small rooms.


2. Choosing the right grade


The next consideration should be ensuring that the carpet you choose is suitable for your lifestyle. The room being carpeted and the specific use of that room will have a bearing on the grade that you choose. Children, pets, furniture and traffic level are all factors to be considered. Have a read of our carpet durability post for more information relating to this step of the buying process.


3. Awareness of all costs involved


With all carpet fittings, there are always additional costs that people forget to factor in. As well as the price for the carpet itself, don’t forget the underlay. Carpet underlay is designed to offer a better look and feel, improve both noise and heat insulation, as well as extend the life of your carpet. Costs also depend on the measurements and site condition but these cannot usually be determined until an expert has visited your home.


Here at Hudson Flooring, we arrange for an estimator to visit after you have chosen your carpet, underlay and any other required services. Following a survey of the site and the procurement of measurements, we provide a final price with the exclusion of any unforeseen costs that may occur once the fitting has begun. These can include preparation costs once the old flooring has been removed, door trimming and any other custom work.


4. Accurate measurements


Although you can always measure the room yourself, we advise that you get an expert to do it in order to avoid any unnecessary costs generated through mistakes or miscalculations. However, be wary of carpet providers who may overmeasure as an excuse to charge you more.


Any carpet retailer should always have the best interests of their customers at heart. A salesperson who is not particularly interested in offering helpful, genuine advice probably only cares about getting a sale. Our experts at Hudson Flooring take the time to ensure you are making the right decision and will issue you with a quote for the most cost-effective fit once the measurements have been taken.


5. Quality installation


You have chosen your dream carpet, room measurements have been taken and the cost finalised. Now you just need to install it! Never underestimate the effects of a bad installation – a poor job can cause the carpet to reach the end of its lifespan twice as fast. Therefore it is vital to enlist the help of professional carpet fitters, which should be a standard service offered by all reputable carpet retailers.


6. Warranty


As if there wasn’t already enough to consider, you will find that different carpets offer different warranties. A better quality carpet will usually offer a better level of coverage, however we suggest that although warranties should be noted, it is best to avoid taking them literally. The lifespan that a carpet realises will vary hugely depending on the wear and tear inflicted on it throughout the duration.

With any luck, this carpet buying checklist will prove useful in your hunt for the perfect carpet but if you need any further information, one of our experts will be more than happy to help. Get in touch on 01732 456035.