We are all aware of the Scandinavian trend that has taken the interiors world by storm. In fact, it can hardly be called a trend anymore, given its persistent dominance of the interiors market over the past few years. Whether you’re a fan or not, the trend shows no signs of going away anytime soon. Therefore, we thought we’d offer some inspiration and advice on how to choose a flooring that will perfectly complement a clean, Nordic style.


Characteristics of Scandinavian design

It’s not difficult to understand the popularity of Scandinavian interiors. The clean lines and sharp appearance create a decluttered look that is the perfect remedy to our busy lives. A cosy mixture of textures, particularly natural ones, creates a homely feel that simultaneously establishes an affinity with the outdoors. Plus, the light colours and brightness of these spaces are refreshing and suitable for all shapes and sizes of home. As if that wasn’t enough, Scandinavian design also puts a huge emphasis on functionality; not only do these interiors look great, they are also super practical. What’s not to love!


Scandinavian style flooring

There are a myriad of ways to achieve the sought-after Nordic appeal in your home but a good place to start is with the flooring. Afterall, this forms the foundation of any interiors look and you’ll need to get it just right. Here are our recommendations:


Natural wood


natural wood flooring

Photo credit: HomeBuilding.co.uk

With an abundance of timber in the vast forests of Scandinavian countries, wood flooring is a key element of the design. Whether you opt for solid wood flooring, engineered wood or even laminate or vinyl, it does not really matter so long as you achieve a wood effect. To really nail the look opt for long, wide planks that have preferably been bleached or white-washed. Light wood is essential – no room for orangey oak here!


Natural carpet


Natural carpet

Photo credit: AlternativeFlooring.com

If you are well and truly a carpet person at heart then don’t fret because you can still achieve the Scandinavian look with natural carpet. Note that we are continuing the theme of ‘natural’ here, so think Sisal, Jute, Coir or Seagrass. These natural carpets may be a bit more coarse under foot, but they hold immense practical benefits. Plus you can go to sleep with a clear conscience, knowing that you have only used sustainable materials in your flooring.


Light colours


Scandinavian flooring

Photo credit: SuermarketHQ.com

We briefly touched on the importance of light colours when choosing wood flooring but this goes for all aspects of your Scandinavian design. It is all about brightness and space, which means light flooring is a must; you can always add pops of colour with furniture and accessories. If it’s a clean, minimal look you are after then we always recommend a light, neutral floor, as it leaves your options open further down the line.


Textured rug


Textured rug

Photo credit: BestDesignIdeas.com

If you are concerned that a wood floor or natural carpet may not bring as much cosiness as you’d like then consider incorporating a rug. Textures are key in Scandinavian design, so browse the various available options. Again, keep the colours light but feel free to experiment with different patterns to add your own personal style statement. The possibilities are endless.



For those looking to jump on the Nordic bandwagon, the first step to get right is your flooring. It’s really very simple: think light, natural textures and neutral tones. Scandinavian interiors do not have to mean boring and neutral. You can still play with colours and patterns, just be sure to start with a neutral canvas on which you can build your vision.

For any further help on choosing a flooring for your home, get in touch with the Hudson Flooring team and we will be delighted to help.