The surprising versatility of real wood flooring

There is a misconception that wood flooring is only suitable for certain rooms of the house – for a grand hallway, or a charming dining room. When people think of real wood flooring, they usually think beautiful but limiting, be it worries over practicality to concerns about design limitations. In this post we will aim to debunk the myths and attempt to convince you why real wood flooring is more versatile than you think.


Of course real wood flooring will come with higher maintenance requirements than the likes of vinyl or laminate but you shouldn’t let that stop you. For many, the look that can be achieved with wood simply cannot be beaten – you cannot replicate the natural charm and grand authenticity that wood flooring provides.


Design options


Often when customers think of real wood, they wonder how there could possibly be a range of design options when it is ultimately wood. However, there is a vast array of choice, including varying colours, grains and textures. If you have a soft spot for a pattern then have you considered a herringbone, chevron versailles design? Wood planks do not just have to be laid parallel to each other, there are plenty of options to style them.




So okay, real wood flooring can be expensive but there are options for all budgets; where else will you find such timeless appeal? Bringing the beautiful look of real wood to any location will only add character & substance.


Rugs and runners


If you are concerned that a large room with an expanse of solid wood flooring may look a little overpowering then consider softening the appearance with a rug or runner. A strategically positioned rug underneath a coffee table in the living room, or a stunning designer stair runner to amplify your hallway, there are a myriad of options available. Plus, with a huge variety of design options on offer, you will be able to achieve whichever look you desire.




Real wood flooring can be more susceptible to scratches and dents. So if you have a heavy household, ensure that you have a maintenance schedule in place. Wood flooring boasts exceptional strength and durability and for this reason, it is a sound investment that will only get better with age.




Hopefully we have shown that real wood flooring is more versatile than it’s given credit for. With so many stunning design options to choose from and impressive durability, it can be used to bring grandeur and charm into any home. For more information and guidance on your next wood flooring, get in touch with one of our Hudson Flooring experts.