Flooring inspiration for the Victorian era interiors trend

Over the past year, we have noticed an increased appetite for the opulence and flair associated with Victorian flooring and interiors. Whether it’s a more subtle nod to the era with a statement border for your hallway flooring, or a full embrace of the Victorian opulence with an entire living space of striking flooring patterns, we’ve catered for it all.


So what exactly does a Victorian flooring look like? Following the industrial revolution, the 19th century saw a preoccupation with the showcasing of wealth in homes. This led to an increase in ornate decoration and lavish designs. Modern takes on the Victorian style are generally available in the form of tiles and tend to feature striking patterns with sharp lines and angles.


Amtico Decor


Although we have been aware of this trend for some time now, we were most recently inspired by the latest collection from Amtico. The new products from the flooring geniuses over at Amtico have drawn influence from the Victorian era, combining the classic grandeur associated with this bygone era with a cool and contemporary edge.


Amtico decor


From striking monochrome to softer greys, the latest Amtico collection caters for all tastes within the Victorian spectrum. Guaranteed to make heads turn (in the best possible way!), this premium collection is both stylish and functional. Available in pre-assembled, easy to install tiles with a removable film, Amtico have made it as straightforward and effortless as possible for you to create the exact look you want.




Don’t be put off by the vibrancy of these designs – you do not have to install an entire flooring space of striking patterns. Incorporate the tiles into borders and points of interest. In short, you can use them how you want to create the look you desire, whether you prefer in-your-face splendour or subtle flair and creativity.


Monochrome Victorian flooring


Furthermore, the Victorian appearance will work in almost any room. Perhaps you are looking to create a stunning welcome for your hallway, a kitchen that harks back to the lavish feel of the Victorian age, or a living space that complements the 19th century character of your home.




There is no set formula when it comes to design; the main point to remember is that any Victorian-inspired flooring should be eye-catching. With regards to colour there are a myriad of ways to achieve this, whether you opt for stark black and white monochrome, or bold pops of colour.


Victorian Amtico flooring


If you would prefer to keep your flooring devoid of any statement patterns then you can still achieve the Victorian look with a different approach. Try stripped back wooden floorboards and add the drama with bold wallpaper, or quirky decorative elements. The right flooring choice will add authenticity and charm to your overall look, just make sure that it works with the surrounding rooms.


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