Choosing a floor for your dining room

There are some rooms which get a lot more attention in terms of choosing a floor. For example, bathrooms and kitchens always generate much discussion around the best type of flooring because these are notoriously tricky and stress-inducing areas in which to revamp your flooring and ensure that you get it right. This is all very well but what about the other rooms in the house?


One room we feel deserves a little more attention is the dining room. Used by some people more than others, it can be a place where families regularly gather at mealtime, or it can be an area that is off-limits except for extravagant dinner parties. 


Personal preference

Your own individual needs and personal preferences are always a key factor in deciding on a flooring but never more so than in a room like the dining room. In terms of functionality, anything goes. Unless you have an usually high traffic dining room, or particularly messy children and pets, pretty much any flooring has the potential to work. Here it is more important to clarify what look you are trying to achieve, remembering to consider how you use the space.


Flooring types

In some ways, the potential for ‘anything goes’ creates a problem for many homeowners who find themselves faced with a seemingly infinite array of options. First you will need to consider how often you use your dining room: is it an informal space or one reserved solely for special occasions? Or a bit of both? It is also crucial to factor in the style you are trying to achieve and whether it will complement the interior design throughout the rest of your home. This is particularly important if your dining room is part of an open plan living space, as you may need to consider more than one room.




For those people who view the dining room in the traditional sense, as a grand space for entertaining guests, hardwood flooring is a fantastic option. Solid wood will create a ‘wow’ factor and will add buckets of charm and grandeur. Although it may require a little more maintenance than other flooring options, it will be completely worth it if you are set on the grandiose look that real wood inevitably brings. For a lower maintenance alternative, choose engineered flooring.


Amtico luxury vinyl


If you would like to have a play with patterns or wood/stone effects then vinyl could be the best option for you. Here at Hudson Flooring, we love the luxury vinyl flooring from Amtico. Combining exceptional versatility with outstanding design, you cannot go wrong. For the style fanatics and trend setters, experiment with bold geometric patterns. For the traditionalists, consider the stunning wood effect patterns. There is something for every style of dining room.




A more cost effective option, laminate flooring is ideal for those with a tighter budget. Offering high levels of durability and ease of cleaning, laminate flooring is a good choice for those with families or pets. You can still achieve a stylish look with wood effect patterns that will provide a touch of grandeur but without the maintenance issues. Furthermore, its versatility is exceptionally useful, as it will complement virtually any design and decor.




With a range of available texture and quality options, carpet has long been a favourite for dining rooms. It can add both warmth and cosiness, perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere for guests. However, spillages can be a pain so if you are prone to knocking over that glass of red wine then you may want to consider vinyl or laminate. Plus, for additional style points you can add interest with a beautiful area rug.


If you are planning on installing a new floor in your home, get in touch with one of our experts at Hudson Flooring and we will be delighted to help you choose.