Category: Laminate

Keeping laminate floors clean and up to scratch

April 5, 2018

On top of its ability to imitate a range of visual styles and bring colour and texture to your floors, laminate flooring is known for being highly durable and low maintenance. With a base layer designed to resist moisture, a core layer composed of hard wearing HDF, laminate flooring can hold up against the everyday … Read more

How to choose flooring for a family household

April 5, 2018

Choosing a flooring is not always as straightforward as you may think. This is especially true when it comes to a multi-purpose family household; when children are involved there is always more to consider. Suddenly safety becomes a priority and practicality becomes second to aesthetics. However, you needn’t sacrifice your dream interiors look for the … Read more

How to achieve a rustic flooring look

March 22, 2018

Contemporary interior design often seems to push for sleek, ultra-modern monochrome in every room. While there is certainly an air of opulence connected with these space-station-esque designs, many homes are much better suited to a more old-fashioned rustic look. Heavy use of classic materials such as wood and stone, combined with fewer decorative features can … Read more