How to choose flooring for a family household

Choosing a flooring is not always as straightforward as you may think. This is especially true when it comes to a multi-purpose family household; when children are involved there is always more to consider. Suddenly safety becomes a priority and practicality becomes second to aesthetics.

However, you needn’t sacrifice your dream interiors look for the sake of making your flooring family-friendly. With modern developments in technology, never have there been more options available which offer both style and functionality. It’s just a case of knowing where to look, what to look for and which option will suit your own personal requirements the most effectively.

In this post we share our guide to the different types of flooring and their corresponding suitability to a family home. From easy cleaning to cushioning underfoot, we have thought of everything.



Boasting clear safety benefits, carpet is certain to provide a soft landing for any falls or slips. Having a cushioned barrier underfoot will bring reassurance and peace of mind when it comes to safety concerns. It will not, however, bring a whole lot of assurance when it comes to maintenance. Sure, you can get most spillages and stains out of carpets but we all know it’s far from easy.

The other potential problem posed by carpet is the risk of aggravating any allergies held by those in the home. A good option for avoiding the allergy issue is a natural carpet fibre like Sisal. However, bear in mind that these types of carpets can be particularly susceptible to liquid stains and feel rough underfoot. So if your children have a tendency to dash about barefoot then you may want to avoid a harsh textured carpet.

Carpet may not be suitable for communal areas of the family home but we always recommend it for children’s bedrooms. As there are less likely to be food or drink spillages in the bedroom, it is usually a safer bet. Plus, you can opt for a bright, bold colour. Not only will it hide any marks, you can also get away with strong colours in the kids’ bedrooms without disrupting the overall interior design of the rest of your home.


Wood flooring

Real wood looks stunning, bringing both charm and authenticity into the heart of the home. However the one big disadvantage in terms of its use in a family home is that real wood is, unsurprisingly, solid underfoot. Although this is part of its authentic appeal, it may not be the most practical option for a home filled with cheeky cherubs.

If you are looking to achieve the look of solid wood flooring but without the price tag then it is worth considering engineered wood floor. One key benefit of wood flooring is that if any dents or marks do occur then it can be sanded and refinished to restore its beautiful former glory. Nevertheless, engineered wood floor is still hard underfoot and therefore does not provide the cushioned landing that carpet or vinyl offer. With this in mind, you may want to think carefully about whether wood flooring will work for your home, especially if you have particularly clumsy little ones.



Laminate is a great option for busy family households, boasting a myriad of practicality benefits. It is highly durable with excellent scratch and stain resistance, making it ideal for rooms like the kitchen where the floor can take a fair bit of beating. Whether it’s spillages or pet claws, a good laminate flooring will hold its own.

One reservation that customers often have with laminate is a fear that it will look like, well, laminate. However, technologies have developed so much over recent years that high quality laminate flooring can now look stunning and effectively mimic that sought after wood effect if that’s the style you’re going for.


Luxury vinyl

Similar to laminate, vinyl has got a bit of a bad reputation over the years for looking a bit cheap. However, this is absolutely no longer the case; one of the most popular types of flooring we sell is Amtico, a luxury vinyl flooring.

Available in a seriously impressive range of colours, patterns and effects, you can achieve virtually any look you desire with luxury vinyl flooring. Add to this the countless advantages in terms of practicality and you’re onto a winner. Plus, its softer surface makes it ideal for catching falling children and it is easy to clean keeping parents happy too.

You may not be able to sand and refinish it like you can with wood flooring, but brands like Amtico come with an exceptionally long guarantee, sometimes for life, therefore you really can’t go wrong. Vinyl is also good in moist environments so whether you’re using it for the playroom, kitchen or bathroom, it has you covered.


Final words

Although there are other more obscure types of flooring that may be suitable for your family home, this guide has covered the most popular options. Ultimately the flooring you choose will depend on your own personal needs, requirements and preferences. Just be sure to bear in mind the practicality pros and cons of each, but remember that you don’t necessarily need to sacrifice style in the process.


For more information or help on choosing your next flooring, get in touch with the Hudson Flooring team.