What flooring is best for children?

Choosing a new flooring takes careful consideration and even more so when taking children into account. When considering what flooring is best for children, there are a myriad of factors to consider, from cleanability through to safety concerns. On top of that, ultimately nobody wants to sacrifice the overall look of the flooring. However, it needn’t be a difficult decision and there are plenty of fantastic flooring options available for families.

Here at Hudson Flooring we speak to a lot of customers with young children looking for the ideal flooring solution. Whether you are looking for your children’s bedroom, a new kitchen floor or a perfect play area option, we are in a great position to advise. We understand the concerns associated with young children and flooring. Numerous spillages, push-toy scratches and bumped heads are all inevitable outcomes of young children in the home. Here we share some valuable insight and advice.



When installing carpet in living or play areas, for practicality reasons, we would recommend stain protection for wool carpets. However, the bleach cleanable fibre polypropylene, while slightly less wearable than wool, is nevertheless a great option for low foot traffic areas like children’s bedrooms. Carpet is perfect for bringing warmth and a cosy feel, ideal for relaxation. Plus, there are a myriad of colourful design options available which can bring fun and creativity into an important space for your children.

Furthermore, the cushioned touch is not only tactile but also provides a level of protection against any falls or bumps. Injury reduction is a high priority for parents and carpet certainly offers this. Although carpets can be tougher to clean than other types of flooring, there are nevertheless foolproof methods of dealing with stains and dirt. Read our post on tips for effective carpet cleaning for further information. It is, of course, better to opt for a mid-tone ‘earth’ colour that is not too light or dark. Stain protection will further minimise the effects of any spillages and is something we can provide on any carpet. As beautiful as a white carpet can look, it is unlikely to withstand the toddler test!



Wood may not seem an obvious choice but it boasts various properties that are well-matched for tiny tots. Firstly, wood is a natural shock absorber; although it may not be quite as soft as carpet, it is certainly a more favourable option than harder materials like stone. Wood also has a natural antibacterial agent. Whether you opt for solid or engineered wood, both offer good levels of durability if looked after correctly.




Nevertheless, it is worth bearing in mind that solid wood does not sit well with excessive moisture. So if you think spillages will be a regular occurrence then it is advisable to stick with engineered wood and to use a flat-headed damp cloth mop rather than a tasseled wet mop. In the worse case scenario that your solid wood floor does get damaged, it is easily repairable with a sanding and renovation process. Ensure you enlist the help of an experienced professional in order to achieve the highest quality finish. Here at Hudson Flooring, we can of course provide a professional service for sanding and sealing.


Luxury Vinyl Tile (Amtico)

We are proud stockists of Amtico, a luxury vinyl tile flooring that is not only comfortable underfoot but also exceptionally easy to maintain. The designs are absolutely stunning with a plethora of bespoke options (multiple size options, different colour grout strips, decorative borders and motifs), whether you are looking to replicate the look of real wood or stone, or you are looking for a bolder statement.


Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl is another practical solution for households with young children. Easy to clean, impervious to water and scratch resistant, sheet vinyl will save you the stress of worrying about damage to your flooring. Furthermore, it is softer than wood and therefore less likely to cause injury when your tots go bouncing onto the floor.



Laminate flooring is another good option and boasts similar properties to vinyl. It is very hygienic, easy to clean and scratch resistant, ideal for avoiding any marks from push-toys or high chairs. However, it isn’t quite as water resistant as vinyl, therefore it is best not to install laminate in areas where surface water may be an issue.


what flooring is best for children



If installing new flooring is not an option but you are worried about the current surface, you could always consider an area rug. With a huge range of designs and textures available, you will certainly be able find something suitable for children. They are effective in softening a hard floor and also have the potential to be as fun and creative as you so wish, with bespoke sizing and bordering.



Choosing a flooring that is suitable for children can seem like a daunting task but it needn’t be. Consider all the options available and decide on the best possible solution for your home. In addition, just because you are opting for practicality and durability does not mean you need to sacrifice on style. Nowadays suppliers are fulfilling the need to appeal to all tastes and are offering a huge range of designs to suit all styles and budgets.

For more information or further advice, get in touch with one of our Hudson Flooring specialists.