Sustainable Carpets with Alternative Flooring

With the modern consumer often having an eye on present-day concerns, we are noticing a shift in customer attitudes towards sustainable products. People are now more aware than ever of their carbon footprints and many want to do their bit to help. Whether opting for natural fibres or British manufacturing, customers are increasingly looking to sustainable carpets.

One of our most popular suppliers of sustainable carpets is Alternative Flooring, a fun, fresh brand who ooze style and innovation. With an impressive range of eco-friendly carpets and a myriad of quirky designs, they are a fantastic option for the fashionable but environmentally conscious customer. Alternative Flooring understand that a mark of sustainability can mean the difference between a customer buying one product over another and this attitude is woven into everything they do.


Buying British

Supporting British industries is becoming increasingly important to many customers. Alternative Flooring recognises that Britain has a first-rate history of expert craftsmanship and quality production. In supporting both British design and manufacturing, they are continuing this tradition.

The carpets begin their story in a rural conservation area in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Here the craftsmen use a combination of modern processes and the crucial human touch to ensure a heritage quality that is truly first-class. Their products are manufactured to provide comfort and style in your home for many years into the future.


Natural Carpets


Natural Wool

Wool carpets are associated with soft, luscious luxury. Plus, the undyed wool used by Alternative Flooring is perfect for bringing an ethical understatement into your home. For an added level of cosiness, opt for the chunky wool range. Like wearing your favourite chunky knit jumper on your feet, it is both comforting and all-natural; the ultimate warm and welcoming flooring choice. Alternatively, the fine wool range is ideal for a touch of refined sophistication and demure.




sustainable alternative flooring


We have written about sisal carpet in a previous blog post, where we touched on the various qualities of this natural carpet. Alternative Flooring offer a number of sisal options. The sisal Herringbone range features the subtle angular pattern, adding a certain charm and character to your home. Chunky and fine sisals are also available, both offering versatility along with an authentic, textured look. For added depth opt for chunky, but for a more intricate feel go with fine.



Bring a touch of the tropical into your home with jute carpet, hand-harvested from the tiliaceae plant. Choose between the sumptuously soft texture of the Boucle range and the cosy, handwoven feel of the chunky range.



Not quite as soft but just as hearty is the coir carpet, crafted from Indian coconut husk fibres softened in sea water. With a fibrous and tactile texture, coir carpets are bursting with natural goodness and a sense of wellbeing.



Transport the tropical outdoors into your home with a Seagrass carpet. Grown on the banks of Vietnamese rivers, it does not get more natural than Seagrass. Introduce the relaxing and uplifting qualities of the water to your favourite rooms.


From Sustainability to Style

For anyone who is concerned that choosing sustainable carpets will mean sacrificing on style then think again. This is where Alternative Flooring excels. Taking inspiration from the catwalk, particularly for their Quirky B range, their carpets could not be more on-trend. You will be spoilt for choice on designs, from subtle textures to bold geometric shapes.


Rugs and Stair Runners


sustainable rug alternative flooring

The beautiful designs and eco-friendly products are not just limited to the carpets. Alternative Flooring also provide bespoke stair runners and rugs for you to adorn your home. With so much choice on offer, it can be difficult to narrow it down. However, there is a solution in the form of a handy rug builder tool which can be found on their website.

Sustainable, stylish and specially made, what’s not to like!

For more information or further advice, get in touch with Hudson Flooring and one of our experts will be delighted to help.