What is the best flooring for an office space?

We often speak a lot about choosing the right flooring for your home, but if you run a business then you will no doubt have considered the various commercial flooring options. As a space where your employees will spend a lot of time and where clients will be welcomed, your office interior needs to be well thought-out. The flooring is a crucial aspect of the design and there are a myriad of factors to consider, from your brand’s personality to levels of practicality.


Your Business

A large part of the decision process will hinge on the industry of your business. You need to choose a flooring that is not only suitable for the type of workspace it will occupy, but also one that reflects your company image. For example, a firm with more traditional values would perhaps opt for a wood or laminate floor; options that have stood the test of time, offering familiarity and professionalism. Alternatively, a young start-up company would likely opt for a more creative choice, such as a contemporary pattern from the Amtico range.



The vast majority of office spaces will be high traffic areas with heavy footfall. Accordingly, durability needs to be factored in, as a worn floor will only give bad impressions of your business as dated and even unprofessional. Whereas at home you can politely ask guests to remove their shoes before treading on your floor, a client may not take as kindly to such a request! There is every possibility that your flooring will be graced with wet, muddy shoes so your chosen flooring needs to be easily cleanable and maintained.

It is also worth giving some thought to the different areas of the office and their unique functions. For example, the entrance to your office will need to withstand considerably more dirt and traffic than a meeting room. Equally, the area where drinks are made will need to be moisture resistant. Think about the different areas of your office and plan accordingly. Furthermore, do not forget to factor in safety. If your office is prone to wet shoes or spillages then ensure your choice of flooring offers slip resistance.


Office Flooring Options


For a warming environment, carpet can add a welcome homely touch to a corporate office space. Provide a comfortable working environment and employee productivity is bound to increase. Furthermore, carpet is a great choice in terms of noise insulation. From footsteps to phone calls, offices can be cluttered with unhelpful noises which can distract even the most concentrated minds. Carpet is perfect for absorbing these excess sounds, helping employees to remain focussed.

Autotrader office carpet design

However, despite these advantages, carpet is not a particularly practical option for an office where resilience and durability are key. People do not have the capacity or reason to spend their valuable time maintaining a carpet when spillages and dirty footwear are abound. In addition, certain types of carpet can be easily worn, especially where there is high traffic. A stained and dated carpet is not the welcome you want to be providing for clients.


Sheet Vinyl
For high levels of practicality, sheet vinyl flooring is an excellent option. Not only is it resistant to dents and scratches, it is also embarrassingly easy to clean. Furthermore, sheet vinyl is able to resist fading and has an impressive life span due to its enviable durability. With the ability to last for many years, sheet vinyl is therefore a cost effective option; not only can it be relatively inexpensive, you will also not be required to replace it every few years.

The benefits do not end there. Sheet vinyl flooring is even in a position to rival the noise insulation property of carpet; perfect for an open plan office where noise can echo and travel far. In addition, with a more grippy surface than other types of flooring, sheet vinyl also ticks the crucial safety box.


As a type of luxury vinyl flooring, Amtico bears all the practical benefits mentioned above but offers an extra level of sophistication. With a myriad of design options available, there is something for everyone in this range. Whether you are looking for a convincing wood effect or a bold geometric pattern, Amtico will have the solution. Boasting an even more impressive life span than standard vinyl products, Amtico really is the all-rounder winner.



Similar to vinyl, laminate offers high levels of practicality with good stain resistance and ease of maintenance. However, laminate does not offer the same level of water resistance as vinyl flooring. Therefore, if regular spillages or wet shoes will be an unavoidable presence in your office then we would recommend opting for vinyl instead.



For a look of grandeur and timeless sophistication, hardwood is the ideal option. A classic appearance that is perfect for more traditional establishments and for those who need to impress their clients. Maintenance can be a little trickier for hardwood so you need to weigh up whether the additional effort is worth the look. In addition, noise could be an issue as hardwood will inevitably lead to the ‘click-clack’ of heels; although perhaps this is your intention if are looking to portray a sense of grandeur. If hardwood is of interest then we would certainly recommend engineered wood over solid wood in an office for practicality reasons.

Hardwood office flooring



Choosing the appropriate flooring for your office can be challenging, especially with so many options. Budget will of course play a big part in your decision but it is worth bearing in mind that the cheaper options are likely not to last as long. As a result, they could actually cost you more money in the long run. Ultimately, you need to consider the impression you would like to give clients and the environment you would like to create for your employees. For further help and advice, get in touch with one of our flooring specialists here at Hudson Flooring.