Preparing your home for flooring installation

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Decorating is one of those processes that conjures up a mixture of both excitement and dread. What begins as a process of enthusiastic anticipation and inspiration can all too easily end up as an episode of despair and stress. The installation of new flooring is no exception, as failure to adequately prepare can lead to an unnecessarily chaotic process. However, by employing just a few simple steps, the flooring installation process can be as smooth and glitch-free as your shiny new floor.

Remember that the level of preparation required will depend on the type of flooring you have chosen. For example, installing a new carpet in your living room is of course a significantly easier process than installing a solid oak floor in your kitchen. However, it is important to remember that the installation of any new flooring is essentially a construction project and must therefore be treated as such.




It would be near impossible to construct an impressive, sturdy building without the correct foundations in place. Installing new flooring is no different – even with the most talented of flooring installers, without a good subfloor the end product will not boast the perfect finish you dreamed of. Seek advice from the company you are purchasing your flooring from and if necessary, employ additional services to sort the subfloor. A crucial step that should not be overlooked – you can thank us later!


Decorating Complete


This may not apply if you are only replacing the flooring but the chances are that you are redecorating the entire room as well. Flooring should be one of the last stages of the decoration process in order to avoid unnecessary damage before you have even moved back into the room. Ensure all painting has been completed and is fully dry before going anywhere near it with a new floor.


Furniture Removal


As I’m sure you can imagine, it would be a little tricky to lay new flooring with great heaps of furniture in the way. Ensure that you remove all furniture prior to installation, or opt for dedicated removal services offered by the flooring company. Don’t forget to also move any valuables or breakables well away from the scene in case of any clumsy workers and remove any hanging objects from the walls.

If the installation process will involve the creation of dust – usually applicable for wooden floors – then we also recommend the removal of curtains and blinds. It may sound like a faff but it could save you time and money in cleaning expenses. If you are installing new flooring in your kitchen then ensure you discuss how they will work around large appliances prior to their arrival, so you can carry out any necessary precautions and preparation.


Plan Ahead


For a super smooth operation, make arrangements ahead of installation day. Allocate a space for the workers in case they need to store and cut flooring materials. It is also advisable to ensure any excitable pets or children are kept out of the way, to ensure they remain safe and to reduce interruptions. Remember that a new flooring often needs to acclimatise to your home environment before the room is restored. Find out how long you will need to leave it for and plan accordingly.




Installing a new flooring does not have to be a stressful process. By following these simple steps, the process will be smooth and you will be enjoying the benefits of your new floor sooner than you think. For further advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our Hudson Flooring experts today,