Guide to choosing a rug for your home

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Rugs are a popular choice for those looking to add a little sparkle to a room without spending thousands on a complete overhaul. Whether it’s a bedroom, living room or hallway, a rug can make all the difference and can be as subtle or as bold as you like. Many of our customers appreciate the ease of installing a rug into their home – not that you need to install a rug. Unravel, put in position and hey presto, your room is transformed.

As with the vast majority of furniture, there is an overwhelming amount of choice on the market. We offer a bespoke rug service here at Hudson Flooring, so there truly is no limit to what we can do. A myriad of colours, an assortment of style and a plethora of sizes. Where to begin? We thought it would be nice to provide a neat little guide to choosing a rug for your home. It is by no means exhaustive but hopefully it will give you a push in the right direction and help you work out what it is that you are looking for in your rug.


Size Matters

One of the first factors you will need to consider is the size of your rug and to think about how transformative you want it to be. Are you simply looking to add a stylistic touch? Do you want to completely transform the space? Naturally the room size will also play a significant part in your decision. Stuffy rooms can become swamped by oversized rugs, while a large room can overpower a small rug.


Small Rugs

Often used to add a special touch to a room, a small rug can take on a myriad of functions. Perhaps you are looking for a platform to showcase your sparkly new coffee table. Or perhaps you have an awkward space between your bed and the wall that needs filling. There are numerous reasons why a small rug could work in your home and only you can decide on the appropriate size. Think about its function and the size of the room then make your decision accordingly.


Area Rugs

Usually employed to cover a vast space, area rugs can be used if you have a feeling of distaste towards your current flooring but do not have the funds or willpower to replace it. Or perhaps you have a beautiful wooden floor and although you are very fond of it, the winter months are slowly creeping up and you are worried about insulation.

Area rugs are ideal for adding warmth to a room. They can prevent the loss of heat through wooden floors and prevent that unsettling feeling of bare feet on a cold floor. Whether you choose a subtle design that blends seamlessly into the room or whether you opt for an eye-catching design feature is up to you. For more information on area rugs and heat insulation, have a read of a previous blog post.



Unless you are looking for something a little unorthodox then generally rectangular, square or circular are the primary choices. The one you opt for will depend heavily on the space you are filling. Admittedly, circular rugs can be a little trickier to style but when done correctly, they can add some serious interior design points to your home.

Whichever shape you choose, ensure that it aligns correctly with your furniture. A rug should never make a space feel awkward and opting for the appropriate shape will be a step in the right direction. It is also worth remembering that just because a rug is a standard, rectangular shape does not mean it has to be boring. Play with different texture and designs and you’ll be sure to find the perfect rug.



Practicality plays a significant role in deciding on the texture of your rug. Keep it simple with a fuss-free texture that has a heavier focus on design. Alternatively, add cosiness with a super fluffy sheepskin rug. Just remember that where there is potential for dirt and grime, a shaggy rug can quickly become a craggy rug. Whether you have children or pets to contend with could make all the difference, so choose wisely.



With such an enormous array of designs on offer, it is useful to have an idea of the style you would like before you start shopping around. Consider the look of the room it will be placed in and think about what you want your rug to contribute. If it is ticking a practicality box then you may want to consider a subtle but effective design. On the other hand, if you are looking to add a bit of va-va-voom then consider how a bold design will fit in with the overall style and feel of your room.



Whether your style is traditional grandeur, Scandinavian minimalism or contemporary vibrancy, you can guarantee there will be a rug for you. Spend time considering the room and the space before you dive into a decision. It’s easy to forget about functionality when there are so many beautiful rugs to choose from but remember to consider the practicality factors.

Here at Hudson Flooring, we create beautiful bespoke rugs that are made from the carpets we sell. As a result, we can offer any carpet, any shape, any size and any edging – perfect for a truly personalised addition to your home. For more advice or to chat about your requirements, get in touch with one of our flooring experts today.