Flooring Trends for 2017

We cannot believe it is that time already but the new year is nearly upon us and we are starting to look ahead to the flooring trends for 2017. Here at Hudson Flooring, we have seen various interior design trends emerge over the previous year and we expect some of these to only increase in popularity throughout next year.

Of course trends are only there for guidance and ultimately it is up to you how you decorate your home. Nevertheless, it is useful to consider them to avoid opting for an outdated look and to really impress any visitors to your home. From the subtlety of natural wood effects to the boldness of geometric patterns, here we discuss the flooring trends we believe will take 2017 by storm.



Herringbone floors are constructed from alternating rows of woods strips and arranged in a zigzag pattern to create a stunning effect. As a classic flooring pattern, herringbone has always been popular but is currently experiencing a resurgence and is no longer deemed to be an old-fashioned option. Nowadays it can be produced more efficiently and beautifully than ever before and can therefore combine a contemporary look with a timeless feel.

A very stable floor that also accommodates underfloor heating, herringbone is fast becoming a staple in modern homes. Furthermore, the move towards open plan living spaces has increased the need for a seamless floor that runs throughout several rooms; a pattern like herringbone facilitates this beautifully. Adding both texture and interest, herringbone is a popular option for entrance halls where it creates a statement welcome of grandeur.


Natural Looks

We have noticed a marked shift towards natural looks in flooring, particularly for natural wood effects. Texture is particularly important here and styles that show the grain and imperfections are increasingly popular. Accordingly, antiqued and distressed woods have become more desirable as interior design inspired by the outdoors has risen to the forefront. Warm and cosy, whilst also impressively versatile.


Grey and Dark Tones

A slight contradiction, both dark and lighter grey tones have become progressively more popular. Darker tones are primarily about making a statement and creating a unique look that stands out. Colours include ebony, espresso or jacobean and are ideal for bringing a touch of elegance.

Alternatively, grey tones are the perfect neutral option to adorn a modern home. Linking in nicely with the Scandinavian trend that has been around for sometime, grey tones are light and therefore work well in smaller rooms. In addition, grey is far more versatile than the darker tones and is a relatively safe choice in the long run.


Geometric Patterns

Recently we have noticed that customers are getting more creative with their flooring choices. Also linked to the increased interest in herringbone, there is a marked shift towards a unique and eye-catching pattern. With an immense variety of patterns on offer, there is scope to create a whole host of original designs and striking contrasts. Geometric patterns are artistic and quirky, perfect for those looking for something a little different.



Many homeowners are gravitating towards a totally unique flooring that has been specifically designed to their own individual requirements.  A bespoke design is now far more accessible than ever before. With a myriad of designs available on the market, it is possible to create completely original options and we expect to see this appetite for bespoke design increase.


We look forward to seeing whether our predictions come to fruition in 2017. If you have any questions or queries, do get in touch and one of our flooring experts will be happy to help.