Low maintenance flooring options

Although we are all for maintaining your flooring to get the best possible result, we do understand that it is not a priority for many people. Busy lives and hectic lifestyles mean that customers are looking for low maintenance flooring that will stay beautiful with minimal effort. Time is of the essence and nobody wants to be spending unnecessary hours on flooring maintenance.

Yet busy lifestyles generally mean greater mess. Whether it’s spillages caused by baby chaos, stiletto heels making their mark, dog claws and other pet-related mess, or simply partying a little too hard, your flooring goes through a lot. Nevertheless, there are a range of options available that will enable you to continue with your hectic life, whilst your flooring continues to look stunning.


Sheet Vinyl and Amtico

Our personal favourite, Amtico is a type of luxury vinyl flooring and boasts an array of enviable properties. It is both water and stain resistant making it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, plus it is exceptionally durable. With a warranty of 35 years for the Signature range and 25 years for the Spacia range, you can be safe in the knowledge that Amtico will last.

Sheet vinyl is a man-made flooring and is therefore exceptionally resilient, plus no special care or maintenance is required. Furthermore, despite its impressive functional properties, there are still a myriad of patterns available, including convincing stone and wood effects. Amtico really is an all-round winner.


Laminate flooring

Much like sheet vinyl, laminate flooring is also extremely hard-wearing. It is very reliable, offering both stain and scratch resistant properties. All in all, you cannot really go wrong in terms of practicality when it comes to laminate flooring.

There can sometimes be a stigma attached to laminate flooring, as it is often perceived as quite outdated. However, laminate flooring has been reinvented in recent years and is now a considerably more popular option. With a wide range of beautiful patterns and looks available, there is something for every taste.


Engineered wood flooring

Not quite in the same league as sheet vinyl and laminate flooring in terms of low maintenance but well on the way, engineered wood flooring is the more practical alternative to solid wood. In addition, a lacquered finish will further improve the durability. You’ll simply need a brush and a mop to maintain it effectively.

Many of our customers are looking to achieve the stunning grandeur and charm associated with solid wood flooring but without the maintenance worries. This is where engineered wood flooring steps in – a beautiful but functional option.


Stone tile flooring

A truly resilient option and one that will require minimal maintenance, stone or ceramic tile flooring is resistant to scratches and dents, as well as being both stain and water resistant. Nevertheless, it is worth bearing in mind that it can be cold and therefore uncomfortable underfoot. This may be a particularly important point to consider if you have young children who may be prone to falling over or bumping their heads.



Not recommended for overly messy households, carpet can be a pain to clean when spillages and stains come into play. Nevertheless, if you can avoid this kind of mess then a quick hoover every week is enough to maintain it in a relatively good state. To further reduce the maintenance effort involved, opt for a natural carpet like Sisal. With a tougher fibre and natural texture, it is far more resilient than standard carpets.


For further information around low maintenance flooring and to discuss your requirements with a flooring expert, get in touch with the Hudson Flooring team or visit our showroom in Sevenoaks.