Floorings that will add the ‘wow’ factor to your entrance hall

The first impression that any guest will be met with, your hallway is an important space to get right. Yet it is also one of the most difficult. With a huge array of different types of hallways, from the small and pokey to the big and grand, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to your interior design and this includes the flooring.


As well as the look, functionality is a key factor for hallways. A high footfall area that is prone to muddy feet, the flooring you choose for your hallway needs to be practical. A beautiful white carpet may look stunning on the first day of installation but give it a few weeks and that crisp white will be more of a grey murk.


Here at Hudson Flooring, we have encountered a huge array of different hallways over the years and we understand what works best in what space. Ultimately the flooring you choose is your own decision and should fall in with your own personal design tastes. Nevertheless, there are still factors that should be taken into consideration. In this post we will provide our recommendations and hope to inspire you with our ideas.


Herringbone parquet


Herringbone is having a bit of a moment. Currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity, this distinct pattern is slowly adorning more and more homes. We recommend opting for a herringbone parquet flooring if you want to achieve grandeur and sophistication. Reminiscent of the French palaces, herringbone parquet will add buckets of charm to your entrance, along with a good dose of French chic.


Bold geometric vinyl


Another on-trend design, geometric patterns are perfect for those who want to experiment with design and colours. Consider brands like Amtico and their impressively vast range of patterns – there really is something for everyone, plus you can get bespoke to create a totally unique flooring. Bold patterns are bursting with personality and vibrancy, although they are not for everybody. Yet if you can pull it off in your home, then your entrance hall will be the talk of the dinner party.


Tile or wood effect


For a more subtle look, opt for tile or wood effect flooring, available in both laminate and sheet vinyl. Modern designs are extremely convincing in their likeness to real wood or tile, achieving the desired look but with none of the practicality issues. Both laminate and vinyl are ideal for high traffic areas and will last for many years. Choose a light colour to make a small room feel bigger and create a sleek, streamlined look for your entrance hall.


Painted and distressed


To achieve a look that is more in line with the shabby chic trend, consider installing painted or distressed wood flooring in your hallway. It will give a natural feel in line with the popular Scandinavian look and is also extremely versatile. You could also try a whitewash effect to add brightness to the space.


Victorian-style tiles


Traditional Victorian tiles are another popular option at the moment, featuring heavily in kitchens and hallways. Creating a distinct but charming feel, Victorian-style tiles will create a standout style and will most certainly be a talking point of visiting guests (in a good way!). Play with different colour combinations and styles to achieve the perfect look for your home entrance hall.


Keep it simple


Bold geometry and grand parquet aside, there is always the option of just keeping it simple. A subtle but high quality carpet can provide an ideal base to build other designs and decorations around. Just bear in mind that a carpet may not wear particularly well in such a high traffic area. If you are really set on carpet but are concerned about the practicality issue then consider a natural carpet like Sisal. It is considerably more hard-wearing whilst bringing a unique and rustic look into your home.


For further inspiration and to learn more about the flooring we offer, get in touch with one of our Hudson Flooring experts and we’ll be delighted to help.