Amtico Flooring

At Hudson Flooring we are proud to say that we are one of the few stockists of Amtico products in the south-east of England. Widely recognised as design leaders in the flooring industry, Amtico have been creating high-end innovative flooring for over 50 years. Entirely future-driven, they are constantly releasing new patterns and textures of the highest quality flooring. Amtico ensure that all of their products are customer-orientated and focus only on the specific needs and demands of their customers. Here at Hudson Flooring we have a similar vision and strive to provide only the highest level of service – since we started we have carried out hundreds of Amtico flooring installations. Whether you are looking for commercial or residential use, we stock a large range of Amtico products that will suit your needs.


Who are Amtico?

Amtico are an innovative and progressive flooring company specialising in the manufacturing and design of luxury vinyl tile flooring. Since forming in the 1960s, the business has continued to grow and expand to an international level. When entering such a competitive market they quickly realised that they couldn’t be the lowest cost producer and sell on price. This drove them to become innovators in the industry and produce something different. Even after 50 years they still continue to differentiate themselves from the competition.

They have two main ranges that we offer here at Hudson Flooring: Signature and Spacia. Spacia is their “off the shelf” range that you can find in our shops, while Signature is their bespoke range. We offer a fantastic way to visualise your custom Amtico creation – our room visualiser allows you to see exactly what your chosen floor will look like upon installation.


What makes Amtico different from the rest?

Their team of designers are regularly tasked with gathering inspiration from around the world, looking at the latest design trends and themes. After compiling all of this research the team of designers rush to anticipate the next big trends in their region. This allows them to offer unique contemporary designs that compliment the ever-changing modern trends. In addition to their team of in-house designers, Amtico also manufacture all of their flooring in the UK. Amtico’s focus is not only on the way that their floor looks, they are also dedicated to ensuring their flooring tiles are of the highest durability and technical excellence.


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