Wood Flooring Buying Guide

Wood flooring is a timelessly popular choice for customers looking to bring real style and character into their home. As technologies have developed and the range of choice has expanded, there is now a wooden floor on the market for everyone. Many of the concerns that customers used to hold around installing a wood floor, such as tough maintenance requirements and budget restrictions, have now become obsolete.

Nevertheless, with a myriad of choices now available, there are numerous factors to take into consideration. We are very familiar with common questions that customers ask when looking to install a new flooring, therefore we are in an ideal position to offer a handy wood floor buying guide. In this wood flooring buying guide, we will cover the different types of wood flooring and the considerations you should be taking into account.


Types of wood floor


Solid wood


The real deal, solid wood flooring combines a classic look with impressive durability. Offering a truly natural finish, the look of a real wood floor cannot be beaten in terms of authenticity. Furthermore, solid wood flooring will improve its look with age; natural wear and tear will only add to the charm.


Engineered wood


With the look of a real wood floor but enjoying the added benefit of coping better with changes to heat and humidity, engineered wood is a highly popular choice. With a plywood backing, engineered wood is 70% more stable than solid wood. Furthermore, as technology has advanced, so has the ability to create an engineered wood floor that looks deceivingly like solid wood but without the common concerns that usually arise. Also ideal for those looking to install underfloor heating, engineered wood flooring is a reliable and versatile option.


Wood effect


Both laminate and vinyl flooring are now available in an array of wood effect patterns, from the more abstract to the convincingly real. Combining durability and stain resistance with an impressive range of patterns to choose from, wood effect flooring is increasingly popular. We highly recommend the Amtico range for a beautifully designed option that is also exceptionally durable and extremely comfortable underfoot.




  • Choose your wood flooring early on in the renovation process as it can have a huge effect on the overall look of your interiors. Whether you opt for a dark or light colour can significantly alter the appearance of certain paints, so make sure you visualise the whole room design from the start.
  • Bear in mind that a wooden floor can be noisy, especially when pets and children are involved. This may not be an issue in a house but you may want to consider the effects in an apartment. Consider a rug to soften the noise and to inject some extra style.
  • Think carefully about the level of water resistance that your flooring will require. Solid or engineered floor can only handle a very small amount of water and humidity, or warping can occur. Alternatively, if humidity is likely to be a big issue then you may have to consider wood effect flooring instead – for example, vinyl flooring has impressive levels of water resistance and is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms.
  • If sustainability is important to you then timber flooring is generally a highly ecological option. Ensure that the wood being used is from sustainable forests by looking out for the FSC scheme and you can do your bit for the environment whilst enjoying a beautiful new floor.




Nowadays, the vast majority of flooring options offer high levels of durability. Hardwood is extremely hardwearing although it can be dented or scratched. Nevertheless, it can be sanded and restored when necessary (usually every five to six years) in order to reinstate its original appearance.

Maintenance needn’t be difficult and we would simply recommend regular sweeping and mopping (with a well wrung mop) to keep it clean and scratch free. This method applies to all types of wood and wood effect flooring.


For further advice and guidance in choosing a new flooring, get in touch with our experts here at Hudson Flooring and we will be delighted to help.