Nylon carpets – shaking off the stigma

Just like McDonald’s chicken nuggets, nylon carpets have been trying to shake off a bad reputation for some time now. The nylon carpets that many remember from days gone by were known for the static they produced. Attracting fluff and delivering electric shocks, it is no wonder that there is a bit of a stigma associated with these carpets. However, in this blog post we intend to tear down those misconceptions and convince you that nylon carpets are now the epitome of luxury. Yes, really.


New generation Nylon


Using advanced engineering, new generation nylon is worlds away from the static fibres mentioned above. It is now by the far the most resilient fibre we use and has none of the old issues associated with nylon carpets. In fact, we have noticed more and more people refer to nylon as ‘faux silk’ in order to shake off the old stigmas.


Good quality nylon feels just like pure silk – soft and luxurious. Nevertheless, unlike genuine silk, nylon also boasts a myriad of practicality benefits. Super resilient and wonderfully stain resistant, nylon carpets tick all the boxes.


Why choose Nylon


Nylon carpets are the perfect choice for areas with a heavy footfall, such as a hallway or stairs. With a strong fibre, nylon retains its shape better than any other fibres. It is therefore capable of maintaining its original appearance for a considerable amount of time, looking newer for longer.


Maintenance and cleaning could not be easier where nylon is involved. Resistant to water, stains and abrasions, nylon carpets are ideal for peace of mind in a messy household. With unrivalled fibre retention, nylon is perfect for luxury living. If the look is important to you then you will not be short on choice with a nylon carpet, as there is an impressive range of styles and colours available.




Although nylon carpets boast a myriad of resistance and repellent properties, as with any flooring that you wish to maintain for a long period of time, a little due diligence won’t go amiss. Vacuum regularly to pick up any loose dirt and debris, preventing it from getting trodden into the fibre. Furthermore, you should always tackle spillages immediately and follow this process:


  • Blot up as much as possible with a clean cloth or towel
  • Clean with water or an appropriate cleaning agent – do not put any agent directly onto the carpet, instead apply it to a cloth first
  • Work the stain from outwards and into the centre to avoid spreading it further
  • Do not scrub the stain unnecessarily as this will push it further into the fibres and distort the pile
  • Wait to dry and avoid standing on the area until it has fully dried
  • As with any flooring, we recommend hiring the services of a professional cleaning company every now and then




Hopefully we have said enough to convince you that new generation nylon really is the perfect option for those looking to combine functionality with a highly quality look and feel. To explore the range of styles and colours on offer, pop into our showroom in Sevenoaks and one of our flooring experts will be happy to help you choose the perfect new carpet for your home.