Wooden or carpeted stairs?

Your staircase is often the focal point of your hallway and is therefore an important feature to get right. You may be more limited on flooring options when it comes to your stairs, but fewer choices does not necessarily make it an easier decision process. The primary consideration faced by many customers is whether to opt for wooden or carpeted stairs.

There is no easy answer and it depends heavily on a variety of factors individual to each household. Aesthetics are always important but there are a myriad of other points to consider, from cleaning to safety. In this post we discuss the pros and cons of each option to help you make a decision as to which is best for your home.



One of the primary considerations that our customers have around wooden staircases is the safety aspect. Of particular concern to households with young children, wooden stairs do provide a risk of slipping. Wearing slippers, socks with grip or even going barefoot will help, but if anyone in your household has a habit of running around with simple cotton socks on then there may be a few accidents on the stairs.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that any pets may struggle with wooden stairs. This could be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on whether you like your beloved animals to venture upstairs or not!



Wooden floorboards are much noisier to walk on than carpet, which naturally muffles sound. If your family and friends are prone to wearing shoes around the house then it could be a little loud. It really depends on how busy your staircase is – if it sees a lot of use, with members of your household chaotically ascending and descending at all times of the day and night, then noise could be an important factor to consider. Otherwise, it may not be a particularly pressing issue for you.



A wooden staircase can make for a very desirable look, bringing a sense of grandeur and authentic charm. For this reason, many people find themselves weighing up the aesthetic benefits of wood with the safety concerns. Nevertheless, carpet offers more options in terms of colour and style, plus it may be that carpet blends in more effortlessly with the overall style of your home. Here it is very much about personal preference.



There is no doubt that wooden floors are easier to clean than carpets. Anyone who has experience of vacuuming the stairs will understand the pain. Carpet can be a dust trap and also stains more easily; so if your children / pets / husband are prone to wandering into the house with their muddy shoes then you may want to give some careful thought as to whether you opt for wooden or carpeted stairs.



These decisions are never black and white – we always like to provide a halfway choice! If you love the charm of wooden floors but require the safety reassurance of carpet then why not consider a stair runner. We offer stunning stair runners by Roger Oates, which are sure to add style and interest to your hallway. Browse a range of enticing patterns and experiment with different stair rods. A beautiful way of revamping your staircase.


For more information or help with flooring for your staircase, get in touch with the Hudson Flooring team or pop into our showroom in Sevenoaks.