Signature or Spacia: Which Amtico range is best for me?

The Amtico name has fundamentally become synonymous with luxury vinyl flooring. It is an exceptionally popular choice amongst customers because of the wealth of benefits it provides. Impressively durable, authentic in style and available in a huge range of designs, Amtico delivers practicality alongside a great visual impact.


For many people, the decision to choose Amtico is an easy one. However, where some customers enter a quandry is the decision between the two different Amtico ranges: Signature and Spacia. Although both are high quality vinyl flooring, there are some crucial differences that could sway your decision depending on personal requirements, such as the room to be fitted, importance of aesthetics and budget restrictions.




Due to the wear layer of Signature Amtico being extremely translucent, a highly realistic look can be accomplished. On the other hand, although Spacia evokes an organic feel, its composite form means it cannot achieve the same level of authenticity as the Signature range.


Another factor to consider in terms of aesthetics is the available design scope for each range. Amtico Signature comprises a wide-ranging and extensive collection. For those who would like a more practical alternative to solid wood, there are convincing wood and stone designs. For those looking to make a bit of a design statement, there are more abstract and stylistic designs. The Signature range offers a solution for all spaces and specs, while the Spacia range is considerably more limited in terms of available options.




Both Amtico Signature and Amtico Spacia are manufactured with durability in mind, with both ranges boasting dent, scratch, scuff, stain and moisture resistance. Their outstanding hard-wearing abilities are backed up with long warranties, usually starting from 20 years. Nevertheless, Amtico Signature just scrapes the durability crown with a pretty impressive lifetime guarantee.




With a professional fitter, both ranges should be straightforward to install with minimal hassle. The only difference between Signature and Spacia in terms of installation is the quantity that you buy. Amtico Spacia is sold in ready-to-go packs therefore it is likely that you may have to slightly over-order. On the other hand, Amtico Signature can be bought in the exact amounts so there will be no waste when it comes to the installation.




Amtico Signature is a superior quality product in comparison to Amtico Spacia and therefore naturally carries a higher price tag. As is usually the case, you get what you pay for and if your budget allows you to opt for the Signature range then we would always recommend it. Nevertheless Amtico Spacia exists precisely for customers who may not be able to afford the superior Signature product, so it is certainly worth considering.




Despite the overall better quality of Amtico Signature, both Amtico ranges are fantastic products which boast a multitude of benefits. Whether you choose between Signature or Spacia will ultimately come down to your available budget but we would always recommend the Signature range where possible.

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