How to revamp your entrance hall

Open the door to your home and your entrance hall is the welcome that friends and family will be greeted with. First impressions count so your hallway needs to offer the ‘wow’ factor. It should be a space that you feel proud of but unfortunately it is an often over-looked area of the home. Frequently treated as a thoroughfare, this underestimated space is usually in much need of some care and attention.

People often consider entrance halls to be tricky areas to decorate. A high traffic area where muddy shoes and raincoats frequently make an appearance, practicality contrasts with a need for stylish aesthetics. Plus, with hallways coming in all shapes and sizes, there is no formula for what to include and what not to include. However, it needn’t be difficult. Here at Hudson Flooring we have some useful advice and easily implemented solutions for those looking to create an inviting entrance.




Given that hallways usually do not feature a significant amount of furniture, there is often a lot of exposed flooring. Therefore, it is more important than ever to ensure that the flooring you choose is up to the standard of your interior design aspirations.




Carpet is a popular choice for hallways as it is warm, welcoming and available in a variety of colours and treads. Loop pile and twist pile carpets are favoured for hallways due to their impressive durability at withstanding high traffic. Opt for a neutral colour to achieve a more minimal look or choose a bold, bright colour for a stylistic punch. Naturally, we would recommend avoiding a plain cream carpet unless you have a military routine of shoe removal and no pets or children. For more information on carpet options and durability, read this blog post.




For a more rustic look, hardwood flooring is a great option. Whether you opt for solid or engineered hardwood, the overall look is one of grandeur and will certainly create a fantastic first impression on arrival into your home. Plus, you can combine with a beautiful rug to add a bit of texture and colour.




One of our favourite types of flooring is the Amtico range due to the multitude of benefits it offers. Combining ample style with reliable practicality, this luxury vinyl flooring is ideal for hallways. Choose from an impressive array of options, from the natural look of stone or wood to more abstract, fashionable patterns. Revamping your hallway could be as simple as choosing a fantastic design from the Amtico range. We told you it was easy!


Designer Rug


For a slightly quicker and easier way of making a big difference to your entrance hall, introduce a beautiful rug. A carefully chosen rug can completely transform a room as it becomes the focal point of the room and ties all design elements together. Aside from contributing to the aesthetics of a room, rugs also offer practicality. They provide softness underfoot and can protect the flooring underneath from wear and tear.

With a huge array of styles, textures, colours, patterns and materials on offer, a rug can be a legitimate piece of contemporary art. For a quirky design statement, you could even hang your rug on the wall. Cover any blemishes or marks, provide an eccentric alternative to a painting and add a good dose of warmth to your hallway. Wherever you like your rug, here at Hudson Flooring we offer an extensive range of rugs, with something to suit all design requirements.


Stair Runners


Instead of viewing the stairs as an awkward part of the interior design process, consider them as an opportunity for a stylistic feature. A way of livening up your staircase is the often over-looked use of stair runners. There is sometimes a misconception that stair runners are either old-fashioned or the reserve of grand establishments. However, with the right design, they can provide a chic vintage appeal and place your entrance hall at the forefront of interiors trends.

entrance hall stair runners

Opt for a more subtle style of stair runner or choose a more bold option in order to make a design statement. The possibilities are endless in terms of the looks that can be achieved with high quality stair runners. There is also the option of adding stair rods to further enhance the look. At Hudson Flooring, we work with Roger Oates, a provider of stunning contemporary stair runners which boast exceptionally good quality.




Despite the lack of attention that entrance halls receive, they are incredibly important in creating the best possible first impression in terms of your home interiors. Given the functionality of hallways, there are a myriad of options for revamping and redesigning them. Whether you prefer a traditional or minimalistic look, or whether you prefer an eye-catching, contemporary design statement, the possibilities are endless.

For further information or any advice on entrance hall interiors inspiration, have a chat with one of our experts here at Hudson Flooring.