Creative uses for a new rug


A rug. It’s simple. It goes on the floor, it keeps your feet warm, there’s not much else it can do, right? Actually, as it turns out, the humble rug is one of the most versatile objects in your home. No longer just a square (or rectangle) of fabric, it has a virtually endless range of uses at its furry fingertips. Not only does the right one look stunning, but its practical benefits can make a home more livable too, injecting a dash of personality into any room.


Up Up Up

Patterned rugs can make for great material to use in upholstery. Whether you want to bring an ottoman to life, turn a stool into an art piece, or give a sofa a makeover, there are hundreds of fantastic examples of people getting creative with furniture. Beyond just looking great, the incorporation of rug patterns can really make your home interior unique and fashionable. Just remember, when using rugs in your own design, the only limit is your imagination.


Rock on

Affixing a brand new rug to a door typically doesn’t cross people’s minds. However, when you think about it, this idea makes perfect sense in certain rooms. If someone you live with fancies themselves as the next Freddie Mercury as soon as they step foot in a shower, a thicker rug can act as exceptional soundproofing, allowing everyone to do their thing in peace. It also acts as inadvertent insulation, meaning that nobody has to freeze while recording their next big hit.


Getting cat cosy

In Britain we have a soft spot for our pets, so why not give them a literal one too? Using a rug as a base to build a stylish pet bed is an approach that will get you into any animals’ good books. Consider rugs with shaggy and loop pile textures, as these guarantee a more fun and tactile experience for your pets. And of course, if you’d like to join them for a quick cuddle, you can do so amidst the lavish comfort of a new rug.


S t r e t c h   o u t

Most mats for yoga or pilates are rubberised and often don’t provide the comfort or the room to fully stretch to the max. If you’re blessed with the gift of height (or cursed, depending on your perspective), a larger rug can make for a great alternative. Plus, even if you don’t need the extra room, the presence of a rug can act as a psychological trigger to get the headband out. All that and it looks stylish to boot – just maybe don’t bring it to the gym!


Become an art gallery

Many people use tapestries as eye-catching art statements. With the attention to detail applied to modern designer rugs, there’s little reason your new pride and joy can’t be appreciated in all its glory from a more unconventional position on the wall. If you want to try out this approach, we don’t recommend nailing your rug as this can cause tears in the fabric, instead use these helpful tips offered by the experts at the textile museum to ensure the best presentation.


Or just use it as a rug

Alternatively, you may appreciate a rug for what it is: a fantastic way of bringing a room together and adding warmth to any flooring style. Not only are they comfortable, they’re an instant way of transforming a space. No matter how crazy or traditional your ideas are, speaking to the experts can help you identify just which rugs are right for you. From classy and luxurious styles, all the way to rugs made bespoke for any out-the-box purpose, the design possibilities are endless. However, If you do go off the rails and find another use please contact the Hudson Flooring team and let us know, we’d love to find out!