Finding the right rug for every room

Often hours upon hours will be spent in the showroom choosing exactly the right sofa – not too high, not too low. Not too firm, but please not too soft. And definitely not that shade of rosehip red. However, how often do people put as much thought into their rugs? Considering a rug is often the visual focus of a room it’s strange to think about, that’s why it’s important to know which rugs are best suited for each room, the final piece in well and truly making a house a home.


The hallway


As the first thing you notice when you step through the door, a hallway rug is the perfect way to set the tone for the rest of the home, whether it’s a quirky vintage piece or a laid-back contemporary rug. One thing to note is that this rug will be seeing a lot of action, especially if you operate a shoes-allowed policy in your home. Therefore choosing a super plush rug might not be the best idea, Instead, we recommend a patterned runner to add interest to an area of the house otherwise simply passed through.


Living room


Adding the right rug to a living room can immediately make it feel cosier and more intimate, perfect for putting your feet up at the end of the day. The key to the living room rug is fitting it in with the overall theme of the room, balancing it with artwork, the floor tone and surrounding furniture. Using repetitive patterns is a great way of doing this, making the rug seem less of a singular object and more of a fundamental part of the room itself. A great example is this quirky cube pattern designed by the amazing Lucy Gough, available in larger sizes for bigger spaces.


Dining room


When it comes to the dining room, look to dress to impress. After all, this is where formal dining takes place. The trick here is to match the rug shape with that of the dining table. For example, a square table goes perfectly with a square rug. In terms of size, try to make sure that dining chairs stay within its edges, otherwise it may look awkward and out of proportion with the room. Of course, where food and drink are involved, spillages are also involved. A cut pile wool carpet is therefore a sensible choice, resistant to furniture being dragged across its surface and easy to clean, even when the vino comes out.




The bedroom is a place of quiet and comfort, and the right rug should reflect this, using soft, non-disruptive colours to aid sleep. Remember the larger the rug the more sounds it will absorb, helping to insulate the room from the hum of traffic outside and the dishwasher downstairs; that’s why a wall to wall style can often be a great option. On a similar theme, soft plush rugs,  not only keep external sounds away from your dreams, they also keep your toes warm in winter – along with the room in general. The great thing about the bedroom is that it’s the most personal room in the house and therefore there aren’t any restrictions when it comes to designs, allowing you to experiment to your heart’s content.




That’s right, rugs are great for the bathroom too, allowing you to finally throw out those inelegant bath mats sitting in the corner. Light and neutral colours work well with the tiling found in most modern bathrooms, although a bright patterned style can act as a fantastic visual highlight for a typically bare area of floor. There’s no steadfast right or wrong here, just remember to avoid thick rugs that will hold water. Instead, opt for a thinner rug that you can pop in the washing machine for easy maintenance. Also, bear in mind that rugs work better in larger bathrooms where they can be positioned away from fittings.


Other rooms


There isn’t a law that says rugs can’t be placed in certain rooms, in fact, they can serve to compliment any area, from attics to conservatories to personal observatories. If you want to find the right rug your room don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful experts at Hudson Flooring, we’d be delighted to help you find, or even design, the ideal rug – whatever that may be!