Natural Carpets

Natural carpets are a growing market both in the UK and around the world for their sustainable approach and hard wearing properties. Made from a variety of materials including jute, sisal, coir and seagrass, natural carpets have a unique feel and texture. They are not just for the environmentally conscious, natural carpets are rustic in nature and are a fantastic addition to homes, giving them a truly uplifting feel.

Hard Wearing & Environmentally Conscious

At Hudson Flooring we look to supply our customers with all major natural fibre options including natural materials for your carpet underlay:

Jute: a material made from the soft fibres of a plant indigenous to Southern India, it is softer and more expensive than other natural fibres which gives it a more luxurious feel but is less durable.

Sisal: a naturally tough plant fibre grown in South America and Africa, it is hard wearing and very rustic. Sisal carpets provide a highly desirable look and durability but can be coarse to touch and easily stains. A fashionable choice for certain areas of the house!

Coir: Another product derived from India, Coir is made from thee fibres found in coconut husks when bleached it produces a much lighter colour than other materials such as seagrass. Much like Sisal it is course to the touch and reasonably hard wearing and more price competitive than other natural carpet options.

Seagrass: grown in rivers in South East Asia it is dried out before being woven into carpets. Seagrass is a hard wearing and has a natural stain resistance, although this naturally waxy feel means that colour options are limited. Another cost effective option, seagrass is a very popular choice for natural carpets.