Loop Pile Carpets

Durable, comfortable and stylish, loop pile carpets have grown in popularity considerably and are now considered a great option for a home. Loop pile carpets are created from an uncut loop of yarn which means that the fibre ‘bounces’ back easily which reduces indentations from furniture and footfall.

Durable, Comfortable and Stylish

There are multiple types of loop pile carpets, depending on the texture that you desire. Level loop carpets are when all the fibres are of the same height giving a level appearance whereas textured and multi level loop carpets have loops of varying sizes which give the carpet a more... you guessed it... textured appearance!

Loop pile carpets have grown in popularity due to their durability and availability in a wide range of colours. The various loops mean that stylish patterns can be created using different colour yarn without compromising on comfort or durability. As a result, loop pile is a popular carpet choice for building with high footfall or homes with large families. It is not however recommended for homes with pets due to the fact that their claws can get stuck in the loops and damage the carpet.

We stock a wide range of loop pile carpets from level to textured to berber at our showroom in Kent.