Saxony Carpets

Saxony Carpets are renowned for their superior comfort and appearance. Made from cut loop pile, the fibres are woven together very densely in a uniform and straight pattern. The construction of a Saxony carpet is responsible for their incredibly soft feel underfoot and their popularity in hotels and family homes alike. Whilst top of the range Saxony carpets are usually made from 100% nylon, Saxony carpets can also be created from other materials, blending them for the desired effect.

Superior Comfort and Luxury

Saxony carpets are usually used in areas where footfall is perhaps slightly lighter due to the fact that straight Saxony carpets often show indentations from furniture and footfall. However, if your heart is set on Saxony carpets throughout your home then a textured Saxony is more effective at hiding marks due to the fact that the fibres are twisted and therefore not as uniform.

For a luxurious and homely feel you need not look much further than Saxony. They may need a slightly more expensive installation process and more maintenance but they are almost unrivalled in their comfort and appearance. You can test the difference between straight and textured Saxony at our showroom near Sevenoaks in Kent where you will also be able to discuss options with our flooring experts.