Plush Carpets

A cut pile carpet, plush carpets give a uniform appearance with solid colours. Often confused with saxony carpets, plush carpets are generally cut slightly lower and their fibres are denser. 

Comfortable and Luxurious

Plush carpets are often used throughout a house due to their comfortable nature and level cut. Indeed it is fairly practical considering their comfort and a popular choice for those looking for the same style of carpet throughout their home.

Much like their other cut pile counterparts, whilst plush carpets offer great aesthetics and comfort they are often considered more susceptible to showing marks and stains due their cut pile construction and solid colours. However, their luxurious feel is often considered to overshadow the maintenance issues of the carpet!

Plush carpets offer similar performance but heightened durability in comparison with velvet or saxony and as such are better suited as an all round luxury carpet. You can see our range of plush carpets in our showroom in Sevenoaks, Kent.