Soft Carpets

Often considered to be very similar to our luxury carpet range, our soft carpets are suitable for a variety of uses whether that be simply for use in the master bedroom or throughout the house as your primary flooring. Our soft carpets have a luxurious feel underfoot with unparalleled softness and colours that can compliment your existing decor.

Luxuriously Soft Underfoot

Soft carpets have traditionally been considered to be less durable than their denser, harder wearing counterparts. However, with innovations in technology and materials used, soft carpets now have substantially increased lifespans and have vastly improved in their ability to withstand stains. Manufacturers have been experimenting with different pile heights, gauges, turns per inch and other contributing factors to the feel and durability of carpets in order to create softer carpets with higher durability. Furthermore, soft carpets more than make up for any lack of durability with their luxuriously soft feel underfoot and contribution towards the homeliness of a house.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our customers with not only the highest quality products available in the soft carpet market but also the expertise to advise on best practices and the most suitable product for your home. Have a browse of our soft carpet range and manufacturers that we work with to find the best choice for you.