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How to prevent filtration soiling on your carpet

October 31, 2017

Have you recently noticed the edges of your carpet turning a grimy black colour, specifically under the doors and along the skirting boards? Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that your carpet needs replacing, nor does it mean that your carpet is of low quality – this is a common problem in homes with carpets of … Read more

4 timeless flooring options for trend-free homes

September 19, 2017

Let’s be honest, constantly adapting your home in line with new design trends can be a real pain, especially if on a tight budget. While many people want their flooring to always be in fashion and up-to-date, there are also many who would prefer their flooring to act as a reliable foundation for any number … Read more

Your guide to flooring underlay

August 8, 2017

Underlay may not be the most exciting part of choosing a new flooring but it is nevertheless crucial to the finished product. Utilising the appropriate flooring underlay brings a whole variety of benefits, such as comfort underfoot, sound and moisture insulation, as well as the reduction of wear and tear. So what exactly is underlay? … Read more